October 5 - 9, 2020
An exciting and emotional event dedicated to benchmarking of best practices for building production systems, increasing productivity and developing human capital.

The competition is held in the form of poster presentation of projects. The poster and its presentation allow for demonstrating the intellectual outcomes and practical significance of projects in a short and concise manner.

Additional materials and evaluation criteria facilitate the professional discussions and idea exchanges, creating the atmosphere of a constructive competition.


Competition of corporate projects dedicated to increasing productivity and operational efficiency.
Competition of programs on personnel training and involvement in continuous improvement of the company.
Competition of projects in the sphere of popularization of technical education, children and youth’s techincal creativity programs, the Industrial Tour, educational technology parks and museums.

Transformation projects competition last year

Winners of last year

KAIZEN PROJECT – Norilsk Nickel. Project «Reducing the costs associated with the use of leaching autoclaves». Presented by Denis Tsymbalov , Deputy Head of Production Qualification Assessment and Certification Center.

When processing concentrates of non-ferrous and precious metals, there is an increased wear of the mixing devices inside the leaching autoclaves. By applying TRIZ method, it was decided to use a different way of material supply, eradicating the need for mixing devices. The new supply route from the bottom of the apparatus creates ascending flows, which oxidize the concentrate. As a result, the costs are reduced by 1 million euros annually.

KAIZEN TEAM – Severstal. Project «Severstal Business Systems School». Presented by Pavel Bukhalov, Manager at Severstal Management.

A unique project dedicated to personnel development and involvement in the culture of continuous improvement. It allows the employees to study and implement the production system tools into practice. Severstal Business Systems School welcomes the employees of manufacturing companies as well as managers of urban enterprises, which brings professional talent to the city.

HUMAN CAPITAL – Benes a Lat. Project «Sharing of SEVA BOX constructors». Presented by Svatopluk Runchik, CEO of Benes a Lat.

Benes a Lat is a Czech company, specialized in casting of metal and plastic parts for the automotive industry. They have successfully launched a unique project aimed at attracting children to technical professions – sharing of self-made SEVA BOX constructors. These constructors are designed to develop motor and manual work skills, imagination and ability to focus. While colleagues in the industry are experiencing a shortage of workers and engineers, the four Benes a Lat factories have secured qualified and motivated employees living in the surrounding area in the years to come.

Would you like to enter the competition?

Participating in the competition will allow your company to:

  • Сonduct an internal competition and project analysis while preparing for the international competition, increasing the project quality at the company as a result
  • Identify and scale up the best practices and improve project management
  • Involve a wide range of managers, engineers, production leaders and workers in the discussion and search for efficient solutions
  • Encourage the most active and involved employees, develop the culture of continuous improvement, motivate workers to achieve project targets
  • Exchange experiences with participants from different countries and companies
  • Gain project expertise from an international professional community
  • Strengthen your company’s image and credibility in the international professional community

How participating in the international projects competition benefited the companies last year and what to expect from the competition this year has been outlined in the following article.

What does the competition consist of?

The competition consists of 2 rounds.

  • In the first round, the competition materials are posted on the International Productivity Week portal for online voting by IPWeek 2020 participants.
  • Projects with highest number of votes in each nomination are then selected for the second round.
  • The second round takes place in the form of an online conference with the jury. The participants defend their projects and additional 5 minutes are allocated for questions.
  • The winner is determined by adding the results of 2 rounds.
  • The winners of each nomination are awarded with the certificates of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees, memorable prizes and gifts from the partners of IPWeek 2020.

How to participate in the competition?

Apply to participate in the competition till the 20. September 2020
Pay the fee
Prepare the materials for the competition
Send the materials to the Organisational Committee and get the confirmation till 30. September 2020
Book the time for the project defence
Answer jury’s questions
Get your award

What are the competition materials?

  1. An electronic version of the poster in .pdf format,
  2. An electronic presentation (up to 10 slides), in .ppt(x) format,
  3. A video presentation of the project, up to 3 min in .mp4 format,
  4. Project abstract in an argumentative form in English and Russian languages (up to 1400 characters, including spaces, for both languages) , in .doc(x) format,
  5. Applicant information: photo, company logo, brief introduction of the applicant in English and Russian (up to 500 characters, including spaces, for both languages) in .doc(x) format.

In what language does the competition take place?

Competition participants are free to choose one of the three official languages of IPWeek 2020 for the presentation of their project: English, Russian or Czech.

Who will be judging the competition?

The winners and laureates of the Competition are determined by an international jury. The jury chair is Jan Kovacs, Director of World Class Manufacturing at Liberty (UK).

The members of the jury will be announced on the website of the International Productivity Week IPWeek 2020 before October 1, 2020.

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee amounts to 400 euros for each submitted project.

Upon receipt of the application, an invoice in euros will be sent to the company. To pay in rubles, please contact the Organizing Committee.

All participants will receive an IPWeek 2020 SMART participation package as a gift from the Organizing Committee.

How does the competition strengthen your company’s credibility and professional image?

Participating in the “Transformation” projects competition is a great opportunity to demonstrate your company’s achievements in front of a global and diverse professional audience!

International Productivity Week 2020 events are widely covered by Russian and international professional press. The general information partner of IPWeek 2020 is the "Standards and Quality" publishing house with a total audience of more than 60,000 people.

The competition results will be published on the website, as well as in the International Productivity Week 2019 official materials, and will be sent out to the partners and media. The results will be available on the IPWeek 2020 portal for 6 months.

Not a single project will go unnoticed by the press and professional community!

Demonstrate the intellectual potential of your company and enter a fair fight with colleagues from different countries, strengthening your authority and credibility in front of the international professional community!


Who can participate in the competition?

The Competition welcomes individuals and legal entities who have fulfilled the conditions mentioned in the Regulation and paid the registration fee.

Each company (legal entity, business unit for corporations) has the right to submit no more than three projects and no more than two in one nomination.

How to design the poster?
Requirements for the poster design:
  1. The poster should reflect the content and results of the project in a short and concise form.
  2. The poster must be made in colour and in horizontal orientation.
  3. The participant can choose to design their poster in one of the 3 official languages of the IPW 2020. The oral presentation should be held in the same language as the poster (except for “project information” section, see below).
  4. The poster should contain the following:
    1. Project information: project name, nomination, authors of the project, company logo. This information has to be provided in English and in the native language of the participant (English version first).
    2. Problem
    3. Solution and methods
    4. Results
  5. The criteria for evaluation (see section 8.3 of the Regulation) are recommended to be taken into account
Where to send the competition materials?

The project materials have to be uploaded on Yandex or Google drive, the files have to be numbered in accordance with the list provided above. Please send the link to the Organizing committee at with “Competition, nomination … ” in the subject line.

Who is the organizer?

The Competition is organized by the Organisational Committee of the International Productivity Week IPW2020. The financial operator is the International Productivity Academy, Czech Republic.

More questions?